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The Nuppu Story

Nuppu Print Company creates, designs and produces printed collections on fabric and paper. The collections’ unique and specific features are created with flowers, dreams and tiny details, spiced with a hint of Scandinavian touch. We believe that the most beautiful floral patterns are not born out of the tropics but rather out of all the ingredients among which we, up here in the North, live. One just needs to have an eye for those ingredients. Heathers with a backdrop of an autumn gray sky, or white viburnums wildly dancing in the wind – can there be any moments more beautiful or happier than that?

Nuppu is actually one big happy moment. Nuppu came true when Jenni and Satu opened their mouths at the same moment and realized they had been having the same dream. In March 2016 at a launch party of a book with Satu’s graphic design, Jenni asked Satu why wouldn’t she make fabrics with her illustrations. Satu, on the other hand, told that she had always dreamed of a stationary collection of her own. At that moment, the dream started to become reality.

Now we have already had quite a journey making the dream come true and Nuppu is blooming vividly. The fabrics are popular both in Finland and abroad. Paper products have several retailers and through collaborative projects, Nuppu patterns can be found also on Havi’s napkins and clothes by Lumoan.

All Nuppu’s products are made in the EU and produced ecologically and ethically. Nuppu is our own registered trademark. Nuppu is a Finnish word for a bud.

The Nuppu-crew

There’s already six of us at Nuppu!

Satu Kontinen – Creator of Things

Satu is an awarded graphic designer and an illustrator who loves flowers and painting them. She has fulfilled her creative vision with various clients for almost 20 years now, and during the last few years she has also started to let her inner illustrator come out and blossom. Satu is the one who creates and paints by hand all Nuppu’s prints and patterns and designs their color ways. She also manages the Nuppu brand with stories and daydreams.

Jenni Salminen – Director of Things

Jenni is, by degree, a teacher of handicrafts and Finnish language, and she knows all there is to know about dresses and fabrics. In her previous work as a publishing editor for non-fiction, she has become a master in project management and communication. Jenni is the one who keeps all the wheels rolling and leads the Nuppu team.

Tiina Granström – Manager of Sales and Rights

Tiina is the newest member of Nuppu-team. She is in charge of retail, among other things. By degree Tiina is a textile craft teacher, but her further studies led her to Asia to work in garment business. Tiina values responsible production and products with good quality.

Elina Nissinen – Manager of Fabrics

Elina has managed Nuppu’s web shop since the summer 2019. All the orders that we ship to customers, go through Elina’s hands. Elina has an education of textile designer. She follows actively the sewing scene and sews a lot in her spare time.

Outi Lähetkangas – Teacher of Things

Outi spreads the joy of sewing with Nuppu’s sewing courses in Salapakka and at fairs. You can see her also in Nuppu’s sewing live broadcasts and how-to videos. Also Outi is a textile craft teacher and a clothing artisan.

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